100% Human, I Think Probably

0% Satan. pretty sure, mom. 

There's no reset button on life.  If there was, we'd change a lot of things. I'd change some of the cringier moments that I've dealt with like that time I tried to slide into a guy's DMs or that other time I pissed off the merch guy at a concert when I thought I was being cool.  I'm already dying on the inside thinking of either of these moments. Though if we are able to go back and change our most terrible mistakes, would we be able to learn for the next time?  Me using a mistake or just an embarrassing moment as a learning situation makes me at least 70% human. 

Everlane's Human Collection is a minimalist capsule collection with an impactful message.  "100% human" is such a resonating factor and really just the broadest way to cover all social issues and culture differences.  It reminds me that "Hey, aren't we all just skin and bones at the end of the day?" Strip it down to the bare bones and we're all 100% human. 

On the flip side, our different interests and thoughts are what also make us 100% human. We can understand we're different from each other, we're unique and accept it.  We all have problems, we are the problems, and we also work to find the solutions. We're not all uniform creatures that are perfect, but make enough mistakes to last a lifetime. Owning up to them and learning it is what makes us human.  

Note: None of this applies if you are a murderer or embezzle or sell weapons. 

I already have enough problems and insecurities and having to also worry about how people will judge me based on my skin color is something that I wish I didn't have to deal with.  Maybe teenagers are on to something.  It sounds superficial to have your biggest problem be if someone likes you or not, instead of politics or culture appropriation, but honestly if that was the only problem I had instead of confusing myself on whether I'm culturally appropriating or just appreciating this cultural activity, it would be a great life.

I purchased the 100% Human tee in the black pocket version.  I wear this tee a lot more than I care to admit.  It's soft and comfortable and makes a big impact in the most minimalist way possible. What it really says that whether  I wear a jeans with a tee or a skirt with a tee, I'm still human even though I'm Muslim and sometimes assumed to be evil.  

At the end of the day, we'll all probably die (unless someone creates an immortality potion soon) and we'll finally be free of our weird biases that our ancestors created and continued to haunt us and caused disparity while we were alive. Till then let's keep fighting for the next generation [I guess, but I'll be dead.  Should I care then??? (Yeah probably, the right thing to do.) Now I'm conflicted].

Also, I'm still trying to convince my mom that there's no form of devil in me.  So ya buy this shirt if you are trying to also convince everyone that you are just human and not some evil to society. 

Everlane 100% Human Tee in XXS // American Eagle Step Hem Jeans in 00S // Topshop Mary Janes (Sold Out) // Lack of Color Spencer Boater in 55in // Spitfire Intergalactic Sunnies

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