4 Hat Brands For Small Heads, Large Heads, and Everyone in Between

I wear a lot of hats, many that fit now. 

I'm sorry if I offended you, but hey, at least I'm part of the club. Just remember the size of your head doesn't affect the size of your brain.  It only affects how much your hat will cover your eyes.   

Having a small head and loving hats is kinda tricky. Hats are usually found in the one-size-fits-all-but-doesn't section, but there are a few brands that cater to different crown sizes. Whether you have a smaller head size or larger, these brands have great quality hats in all kinds of sizes. If your head is still too small for the hat, add a hat filler.  I can't help you more after this...

Photo by Kristine Hull, made darker by me. 

1. Lack of Color

Size range: 55cm to 60cm

This Australian brand has made a name for itself on one hat--the straw boater.  Boater also happens to by my favorite hat style.  I've recently added the Velveteen and Spencer hats to my collection and they have become my new classics.  The best part is that you will find hats ranging from extra small to extra large under $100.  Lack of Color is thorough with hat sizing, so if the smallest size still doesn't fit, they got you covered with the hat fillers. 

2. Brixton

Size range: 56cm to 62cm


When it comes to hat brands, Brixton is at the top of mind.  Brixton has hundreds of hats ranging in different colors, styles, and sizes.  There's no one that can match Brixton's variety, which is where I got my infamous tassel hat.  You're also guaranteed good quality no matter how much you spend. 

3. Janessa Leone

Size range: 55cm to 57cm

Janessa Leone is an up-and-coming brand that comes with a higher price tag, but also, transparency in how they make their hats.  If you're looking for the most practical yet stylish straw hat, Janessa is for you.  Their straw hats are made of "endura straw" that is meant to be packable in your suitcase.  This is a game changer for hat lovers who travel. They also guarantee the finest quality with minimalistic designs that will make you effortlessly cool.  While Janessa Leone does cater to smaller sizes, you have plenty of options to choose from

4. Asos

Size range: 54cm to 60cm

Honestly, it's rare when Asos doesn't make it on the list of places to shop for anything. They literally have everything for anyone.  I own several Asos hats, and they come in sizes ranging from small to large with 54mm being the smallest.  Asos is a favorite for their affordable hats. With a plethora of options available, you have enough choices to stock up on some favorite styles.