8 Minimalist Planners to Start The Year Off Sleek

Planners to match your clean, and minimal aesthetics.

Every year, some of us make a very important decision, choosing the perfect planner to organize our lives for the year. The rest may not understand why this is such a big deal, but their lives are probably a huge mess, or they have assistants.   I've been on the hunt for a planner that is very minimal and works for my office life and blogger life.  Less flowers, less color, and more white space is what I need.  

After scouring the Internet for my favorite minimalist planners and agendas that complement hectic schedules and clean aesthetics, I found 8 that work great and can fit different types of needs.

1. Jot It Down

Leatherbound with a snap button and enough space to write as much as I want, Jot It Down is the planner I ended up going with.  Not only is it made with high quality leather, but it also carries impeccable style.  It's the perfect accessory for a busy day on the go. Each week starts with an inspirational quote to help you jot down the scope of your week.  You can get a quick glance at your week and stay up to date in style. Not to mention, Jot It Down has amazing accessories like quill pens and notepads that complement the planner.

2. Julia Kostreva

I'm a huge fan of Julia Kostreva because she makes the most gorgeous minimally color blocked planners.  They are also open-dated, so you can get them whenever you want and plan your year on your own terms. The inside is very simplistic, clean, and a block design with enough space to fill your days to the brim and get some doodling in. I especially love the column format for your weekly view that gives you the to-do list vibes.

3. On Friday

On Friday is a New Zealand brand that makes the coffee table version of your daily planner. It is a bold monochrome statement that makes you really think about what you have planned every day and make sure you aren't wasting any of your time. Not to mention, they have a desk planner that is equally unforgettable and perfect for the office as a desk mat and centerpiece. On Friday planners have the best version to make a great gratitude journal as well as planner. 

4. byAllThings

This 6-month planner packs a punch. It covers all things you'd want in a daily planner.  Not only does every day get its own page, but you can write your notes, calls, and create a daily to-do checklist.  After the end of a week, you can reflect on the last 7 days and create your own outlook for the next. This planner is made for those who like to organize EVERYTHING and will wear it out in half a year.  6 months in, you might want to grab a new one cause it has got all your needs in mind.

5. Poketo

Another one for the open-date planner lovers is Poketo.  Poketo has several options whether you'd like a daily, weekly, or monthy planner, and a plethora of colors too. Who says it's gotta be black and white, maybe you need some color in your life.  PLUS, they have the marble planner that all bloggers love.  

6. Appointed

Appointed is one of the only American made planners on this list, but I feel it deserves a recommendation for those who love a classic feel to a planner, especially for work. It features a brass coil and a book cloth cover that elevates your schedule for the office.  You get a two week flat lay view of your schedule on grid paper.  No frills or inspirational quotes, just plan your day as you want. 

7. Kikki K.

I discovered Kikki K when I went on my Australian adventure, and it was a modern stationary heaven.  I picked up a few notepads and things that I love and use daily, but I overlooked their planners.  What I especially love about Kikki K is their capsule-type of collections.  You're not just getting a planner but also notepads, calendars, pens, and more that will match. Kikki K also understands the best of combining functional designs that minimalists love and the color schemes of the more popular planner brands like Bando. They also have plenty of options, much like Poketo, but with a more contemporary feel.

8. FRANKstationary

Etsy is filled with all sorts of planners and are handmade by the most talented people. One store I love is Frankstationary with their signature gold geometric designs bracing the covers of their planner and notebook collections.  This is another daily planner like diary that goes through your days, but at the end of a month, you have a reflections page to choose your favorite moments and rate your 30 days. I love the idea of combining a gratitude journal into your diary, and Frankstationary has a reasonably priced minimalist agenda. 

Have any other planners that you love and just as minimally pleasing? Comment below with your favorites!