A Camel Kick and Some Flare

Jeans good enough to do the can can in. 

Being a blogger gives you this state of mind of purchasing pieces that you know you'll never really wear day-to-day, but feel that you need to create the perfect outfit sometimes.  I've taken the time this year to sleek out my wardrobe and take away this tendency of mine. Keeping myself in check when a new trend pops up can be hard, but sometimes I do give in. One subtle trend that nagged at me was the kick flare jean, a subtle nod to the 2000s that are the right amount of drama.  

I've never been able to play around with jean styles since it's hard enough to find a pair that fits for someone as petite as me.  Now that I've curated some go-to pairs, I have room to broaden my jean horizon. I've been wanting to experiment with some kick flares recently and finally found a petite flare that are the right length at TopShop.  Needless to say, my jean collection just amped up with this babe of a pair.  

This simple contemporary camel and black outfit is one of my favorites that I have put together ever.  Mainly because all these pieces are investment pieces that look great combined, but can also make other outfits look just as chic.  A camel sweater is a nice touch of color to a minimalist wardrobe of black, especially one with pearl sleeves for a little play on accessory. 

A good coat to layer on top is perfect for winter months and a bad ass pair of black boots for a little length.  Kick flares are the perfect touch to add a little more oomph to a sleek minimal look like this.  Considering that my camel sweater also has a flared sleeve to it, they are a perfect combo with my jeans even when I take the coat off. I couldn't help but add a pop color with my Spitfire Lennon 2 sunglasses.  I feel like a villain out of an Austin Powers movie.