A Coffee Lover's Parisian Dreams

How to dawn a multitude of stripes and be French cool. 

That was a clickbait title; I'm not even a huge fan of Paris.  Though, Parisian style I can get with. I think what makes Parisians so effortlessly cool are the awkward confident stances with the outfit. They know how to do the cool girl walk and the poses that can work the outfit.  It's the Parisian way.  Stripes, for instance, are such a simple pattern but have a more elevated feel when you also say "Parisian vibes."  I honestly could be making all of this up.  Are you even reading this? 

There's nothing better than some good ole stripes.  You can't beat lines that are perfectly aligned and parallel from each other no matter what.  Unless, it's uneven stripes... Horizontal stripes broaden you, while vertical stripes elongate you which is why I combined both in this outfit to get the full effect. 

Can you believe these were called "cropped pants?" Maybe if you take it with a grain of salt because these were still too long on me and ended up as palazzo pants.  Though wide legged pants on petite people, while comfortable, does not do much for the upper body.  The wrong kind of top can make you feel like a potato sack.  While I feel like this look was A+ in my head, I also didn't take into account how long the top actually was which bunched up at the waist. With that said a crop top or a body suit is a great way to balance wide legged pants and not get swamped in all the fabric.

I love the inverse effect of pairing stripes on stripes for this outfit. It's a bit unconventional but the neutral colors work together really well.  The ying to my yang if that works. Bell sleeves are a nice touch to make it less basic.  The perfect accessories include a beret, sunnies, and a to-go cup of coffee.

I love coffee as a drink and accessory. It's cliche now to talk about coffee because most people drink it and most people can't live without it.  I love all types too except your average work coffee.  This is how I ended up subbing coffee for tea now.  Coffee is my luxury, which I'll treat myself to here and there. It makes coffee a bit more indulgent and more satisfying, since I will dish out the extra bucks for a pretty latte or an Americano. I may hate Paris, but I do enjoy sitting at cafes and enjoying my day.  Paris seems to have many of the most beautiful ones. Though Italy > France.  What do you prefer? 

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