A Natural Instinct To Be an Optimistic Black Cloud

"For a pessimist, I'm pretty optimistic" - Paramore

No matter how much black I wear, how distressed my jeans are, or how pointy my boots are, I ruin my edgy aesthetic with a smile. And it doesn't go unnoticed.  I don't know what attracts the attention more, the clothes, the height, or the resting smile face. 

But it's the gazes that really bring out the dark humor in me.  I make jokes at the expense of myself under the intention that I will dish it right back at you.  Sometimes I'm pretty blunt, other times it's mixed in with sarcasm.  Let it be known that all of it is served with a resting nice face.  

I remember one night during my freshman year of uni, I was walking with a couple of my friends late at night.  A group of guys approached us and one led the pack, "Hey ladies, what you doing tonight?" A normal person would have ignored and walked pass them. Instead, I looked at him directly in the eye and said, "Drugs."  Needless to say he was not expecting that answer from the 4'6'' tall girl with a youthful smile.

Under a shroud of black, I do have a forgiving outlook on life. Much like a pop of blanket scarf on an outfit of black with a hint of tweed, my personality is a sarcastic and blunt storm served with a smile and a hint of humanness. And why not some hidden distressed jeans for the rough around the edges vibe.