Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool

Started causin' trouble on the stoop.

Did I really use Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire to get my point across? Why, yes I did.  This is part of my whole initiative to remember I'm more tongue-in-cheek than I am at creating wafting titles like "Wood and Leather." Honestly, who is reading that right now?

Any way, we're in the middle of a long and lasting trend of bed to the streets.  Slip dresses, satin, and loafers go beyond the bedroom and have transformed into acceptable casual wear. I can appreciate this trend as I like anything that takes zero effort to wear and is easy. This is why I've decided to combine all bedwear trends and create one ultimate, hammer pants comforting look.

The whole idea of bedroom street style here comes from fabrics and textures that will always feel good against your skin.  Satin, silk, and fur take the cake. Why should we wear our favorite satin pajama shirt to bed when we can also make it a great going out top.  I think we solve two tasks here - finding something to wear and not having to change out of it for bed.  I paired mine with a nice feeling burgundy satin culotte pants, which look more like hammer pants on me.  It's the sad reality of culottes on petite people; they are just awkward length pants for us.  

Again with these fur loafers though. I feel like slippers are the dead giveaway for your "I just woke up and wore this out of bed" look.  These are the classy slippies that are made of soft fur goodness.  Give me more of the slippies, please.

This look is all about comfort and being comfortable.  Though I have to say, comfort has become a little uninteresting. At least, in my current situation.  I've found myself falling into this spiral of self-deprecating laziness where I'll waste hours sitting and just scrolling through Facebook videos and Instagram feeds. I work, come home, eat, and sleep.  It's nice having that sense of ease with a routine, but I want the comfort of knowing I have more adventure in my life. This is a serious case of FOMO over here. 

Asos Pyjama Shirt (Sold Out) // Missguided Burgundy Culottes // Jeffrey Campbell Apfel Fur Loafers // Spitfire Infinity Sunglasses

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