An Eskimo Step-Hems into the City

So furreal.

If I could move to any city in the United States, I would choose Salt Lake City, Utah.  It's an odd choice. I won't deny it, but hear me out.  I love a good mixture of the city, mountains, forest, and the beach.  Salt Lake City has all of it. I get restless and bored fast when I'm in one type of environment too long (i.e. the suburbs), but I also don't like going too far to experience each.  Salt Lake City to me has all this and more in vicinity. I was reminded of Salt Lake City when I put this look together: colors inspired by the forest, but trends that belong to the city.    

I have been on a strict camel, black, and grey routine recently.   A hot winter has sucked the soul out of me, so the colors seemed fitting.  Though now I want to bring some color into my wardrobe even if it's only a little. I love a dark forest green or olive color, so I couldn't say no to this turtleneck from an unexpected teen brand. Abercrombie & Fitch has been on a major re-branding quest to get away from their former image.  Think less logos, and more chic classic styles.  Their sweater collection was an unexpected surprise, and I'm loving most of these pieces.  

Two trends that have been going strong this winter are fur coats and step-hem jeans.  Fur coats came back at a time when we experienced one of the hottest winters ever.  I'm not sure who's logic that was, but it definitely didn't get cold enough in North Carolina for me to break out the one fur coat that I have. However, I did purchase an amazing fur beanie from Zara. I feel like a trendy eskimo girl with my Spitfire Warp Sunglasses

For a longer sweater like this, I would normally opt for a black pant to make my legs longer, but I wanted to try a step-hem jean.  For petites, this is a perfect trend for us.  Why? Cause you can cut your jeans to make them shorter and not look dumb (in 2016-2017).  I also love an interesting hem.  It's a DIY project in the making, but you can also purchase pre-made cuts as well.  Although for me, I would need to cut jeans a bit more to get rid of that awful scrunch at my knee.  

Scrunched jeans can't ruin the effect that my splurge-worthy Modern Vice Jett Boots give at least. 

Zara Fur Beanie (Sold Out) // Abercrombie & Fitch Boxy Cable Turtleneck Sweater // Asos Petite Step Hem Jeans (Sold Out) // Modern Vice Jett Boots // Spitfire Warp Sunglasses

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