Art of the Cape

Who ever invented these awesome blanket capes (or blanket scarves) are a genius.  You can drape them on whatever you're wearing to stay warm and still look très chic. These capes are my favorite fall trend and I won't be retiring them for the winter.  Capes are great for those warmer winter days especially with North Carolina's bipolar weather. 

I'm going to miss Fall, but North Carolina doesn't seem to care about sticking to season regularity. Expect sunny days in the 70s in the middle of winter one week then bitter, freezing days the next week. Asos has a diverse collection to try, so wrap yourself in a cape and stay warm.  It's great for one of those days that teeter between cold and semi-freezing.  You can keep it open or pin the ends together.  

Standing Next to Tall Objects: Cape Edition