Band Against The Leather

Enjoying music the right way. On my body. 

Sometimes when a trend gets really big, I get turned off from it.  It's that cliche hipster answer, but that's how I feel about the band tee trend.  I question how many people have even listened to the Eagles, Kiss, Metallica, or whatever older band is on their shirt now.  If the band tee trend was based on our actual favorite bands, how many times are we going to see Maroon 5 shirts walking around? A lot more than the Eagles.  We're ripping and shredding these shirts up to make them more stylish and fashion friendly. I don't have anything against styling it up, in fact, I welcome it.  I have more of an issue with the authenticity of wearing your "favorite bands" out. It's become more of a gimmick than showing off your pride for the bands you like.  Though, if you love the Eagles or Metallica, go for it!

This is why I wanted to style a band tee outfit with my favorite punk rock band, All Time Low.  I've been an avid listener since the age of 11, and it's been a solid contender for my favorite band throughout the years.  While their music is not the greatest thing ever, the four dudes, who make up the band, had big personalities that shown through. I loved how funny they were and how they connected with their teen girl majority demographic. Their fan base, oddly named the Hustlers, have enough inside jokes to last a lifetime. My music tastes have changed a lot since I was 11, but I've always held a soft spot for All Time Low which introduced me to the world of pop punk and music in general.  I even met them on Record Store Day two years which reacquainted my need to listen to them again.  

To give the best of nods to my favorite genres, I incorporate the edgy with the bright pop of color.  Punk rock has more of the tongue-in-cheek lyrics and punchy sounds.  It made sense to play off the bright pink logo on my tee with some burgundy classics.  Punk rock vibes include adding the classic leather pieces with a little bit more color that makes it stand out from the rest. Instead of a classic black, I opted for a grey leather jacket paired with a burgundy leather skirt and beanie. You still rock that edgy vibe but keep it more punk. 

So again, I hope those who are following this vintage tee trend really like the band they are wearing.  What is your favorite band? 

All Time Low Band Tee (Merch Link here) // Dorothy Perkins Grey Leather Jacket (Sold Out) // Forever 21 Burgundy Leather Skirt // Jessica Buurman Lewis Boots // Spitfire Intergalactic Sunglasses

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