Blanketed in Scarf

Cold weather spring.

The sophistication of a blanket scarf, a petite fitted black coat paired with the edginess of ripped black jeans = the best outfit.  There couldn't have been a more elusive outfit that screams, "Don't talk to me or look at me.  I have important matters."   The only pop of color you need is a bright lip, courtesy of ColourPop. 

While you wonder if I even bothered to wear a shirt under this giant blanket scarf, I'll address the sweet satisfaction of finding a petite-size coat that fits and isn't too bulky. The return on wear for a coat is one of the highest, so it took ages to find the perfect one.  I would like to thank the Asos Petite section for aiding this process. 

I was touring Biltmore when we did this photoshoot, so this was a quick and cozy outfit to walk around inside with.  I look I'm here to solve your problems, or maybe make them worse.  Probably, the latter.  I'm a Slytherin after all.