Here's to the Oversized Sweaters and Bronze Heels of Last Year

3rd place winner.

I wanted to start 2017 with a look I actually shot in the beginning of 2016, but never made it to the blog.  I loved this look one year ago and was really excited to get it on here.  Though I sat on it, cause, you know, procrastination. The more I looked at this post, the more I didn't feel the need to get it on here; until it became a year since I shot it.  A year before I wouldn't have noticed hair flyaways, or a bad lighting location, but now I'm more sure of my skills and what looks good to me.  It's funny how subtle change in perspective can be.

What hasn't changed much is the amount of grey and black I've embraced.  It's to a point where I haven't left much room for other color. An easy touch for more color without sacrificing the black is adding a color blocked black boot.  I especially love the bronze tone in my Sam Edelman Rafa booties.  They are the perfect addition to create a subtle effect to cool tones. A unique heel is an understated way to say there's more than meets the eye. Or doesn't meet the eye, in my case.  

This oversized sweater from Threadsence is also my favorite and my go-to for lazy days on any given night out on the town.  The braided in lace in a diamond pattern adds such a cool effect to it.  Adding a coat slims me down and makes it a more professional look. 

Threadsence Leather Oversized Grey Sweater (Sold Out) // Topshop Joni Jeans // Asos Petite Black Coat (Sold Out) // Sam Edelman Rafa Bootie

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