Bullhead-ed to Central Perk

Who's crazy enough to drive nine hours to NYC just to visit a coffee shop? My friends and I, of course. It's the 20th anniversary of the show Friends, and the Central Perk coffee shop has opened in real life for you to experience in New York City.  With a pair of black Bullhead jeans on,  I made a quick trip up to New York to bask in all of its glory. 

It was a chilly day in Manhattan, so the dress code included jeans, ankle boots, and an oversized cardigan.  Well, technically any flyaway cardigan is oversized on me. However, it's all about the jeans here.  You need a comfortable and stylish pair that you can walk around for hours and still look great in.  Jeans are especially hard for me to find because they are made for people of average height or taller. And no, skinny jeans are not supposed to scrunch so much at the bottom. Rachel Green would disapprove.

Pacsun's Bullhead denim collection has been my savior for the longest time.  Not only do you get great quality jeans without breaking the bank, but you can also find a variety of sizes.  Specficially 0S.  Not many places carry a shorter length size of jeans, but count on Bullhead to give you the perfect size you need. Whether you're petite, average, or super tall, Bullhead has you covered (from the bottom). These low rise black skinny jeans should be a staple in your closet.  Everyone needs a pair of black jeans, so don't say no. I'm tempted to buy another pair as a backup when my current pair starts fading.


TJ Maxx Acid Tank/Olive Cardigan/Black Bullhead Jeans/ Black & Gold Ankle Boots/ Asos Felt Hat with Flower Detail/Vintage Ray Bans


The Central Perk pop-up shop is a quaint little place on the corner of Lafayette St and Broome St in Soho.  You can get a free coffee, buy Friends merch, and sit on THE orange couch while you're there. You can also see some of the iconic props from the show like some of Phoebe's wardrobe and Joey's infamous dog statue. My friends and I waited for about an hour and half in line, but it went by quick.  I even found a new friend in the head of security while waiting.  He calls me his little friend. Rightfully so, considering he was like 6'5''. When I finally entered the place, I was too in awe that I was actually here.  While, it doesn't look exactly the same as in the show, the couch setting was replicated impeccably well. 


Central Perk wasn't the only perk of coming up north.  Getting the chance to come back to Manhattan is always a pleasure. So I ran around Soho for awhile after leaving Central Perk. If I had to live in New York, I would wanna live in Manhattan. It's a borough filled with culture, great restaurants, interesting people, and LOTS of shops.  If I ever do make it out of my broke college student phase and into a well-paid career, Manhattan would be a great place to call home, and then I could buy all the Bullhead jeans that I want. 


It might seem like I just drove for nine hours to get one cup of coffee and come back, but taking small trips like these add to the awesome journey of life.  It wasn't just about getting that free coffee. Central Perk was what Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe called their home away from home. It's where they argued, laughed, and cried together building an everlasting friendship. Visiting Central Perk was not only a way to commemorate their forever friendship,  but also commemorate the group of friends you go with as your lobsters. After all, if Rachel Green never came running into the shop in her wedding dress where would they all really be now?