Making a Cameo in a Crop Top

                 Cameo Braveheart Tee.  SheInside Black Midi Skirt. Asos Maroon Ankle Boots.

I had this hypothesis about wearing crop tops: if normal-sized shirts are going to stop halfway above my knees, then crop tops should fit perfectly.  My experiment proved me wrong.

This is the Cameo Braveheart Tee that I bought last year.  It's a structured crop top that doubles as a jacket.  It's slightly high/low thanks to a cool diagonal cut.  The orange and magenta collars add the pop of color you want to your all-black outfit. There are also buttons at each shoulder, so you can wear it open or closed. Could you imagine Mel Gibson from Braveheart wearing this? It's kind of hilarious. 

On the model, the top hits right at her waist which complements her high-waist shorts.


Crop tops were made for people of high physical stature who want to show their mid rift or have something to wear with high-waist bottoms. Which is understandable if you like to show some skin.  I, however, thought these were shirts meant for people with shorter torsos. Finally I can wear something that actually looks normal on me without going into the kid's section.  But no.  Crop tops are cropped no matter how short you are. 

Technically, I should be glad that a top actually fits me correctly. It's not as cropped on me as the model, but it's still enough where I end up showing some skin. That's why I'm wearing a black tank underneath. The top also forces you to straighten your posture because of the way you need to button the shirt. 

I don't know if it's the tree or the cut of the top, but I definitely look taller here. I paired the Braveheart Tee with a black pleated midi skirt from She Inside.  It's the perfect amount of color to add to my dark outfit, which coordinates with the current season. Collared crop tops are hard to find, but they help draw more attention to the top of your body instead of the bottom. I definitely don't regret this purchase.

There must be something in the Australian waters that inspires such creativity.  Cameo is known for taking themes and creating innovative and bold designs.  They can make grungy look professional which is hard to do. If only they could make a top length that was in between the average-sized shirt and the crop top.  That would be perfect.