Casual Mohair, An Itching for an Adventure


I'm headed to a new place this week that needed me to stock up on as many thick wool sweaters as possible. That's right, Iceland--just like everyone else.  It's gonna be a drastic weather change.  I figured if North Carolina is going to keep pulling the rug out from under me with these 78 degree days, let me experience the real freezing winters of Iceland instead.   You can probably guess my closet was a bit lacking in the weatherproof coats and wool sweater department.  Though, I found refuge in H&M for reasonably priced mohair sweaters.

While wool is a preferred and recommended choice, it's just a bit too heavy for a petite frame sometimes.  I find mohair to be a better option that can keep you warm and also has great heat retention. Mohair is made from angora goat and has a soft, silky feel to it unlike wool which is thicker and scratchy.  I love that mohair sweaters are soft and light but still so warm thanks to its insulating powers.  You can easily layer under coats and still have enough room to move your arms or just forgo the coat entirely sometimes. It's basically like cashmere, but with an itch. 

Although I was planning to save this caramel colored beauty for Iceland, I couldn't help but wear it to one of my favorite coffee shops. Again, camel is my nude. It easily made for an easy put together look thanks to my barely worn petite work trousers.  Complementary colors included a grey baker boy cap and a pretty burgundy convertible bucket bag.  I'm probably never gonna get any REAL use out professional business clothes since my workplace is way too casual. Like tucking in your shirt is the most that people do for important meetings.  So I decided trousers are gonna be my new fancy joggers, especially if I roll them up at the bottom. 

H&M Camel Mohair Sweater in Size 2 // Asos Petite Trousers in 00 // Zara Convertible Bucket Bag (Sold Out)  // Brixton Fiddler Cap in Grey // Spitfire Warp Sunglasses // Ego Closet Fur Loafers

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