A Casual Walk in Red Silk


Whenever I purchase finer quality clothing, I have a tendency to keep them in the closet longer than I wear them out. I like preserving these items, so they last longer in pristine form. It seems a waste to spend high dollars if there's no use out of it other than hanging in your closet, but then there's the chance of accidentally spilling ice cream on yourself and forever making a stain. Not too specific of an example is it? I reason myself that I will wear them during special occasions, but the terms are loose around that.  


I braved a Reformation silk top for a casual day in the city of Kyoto, Japan. It seems like a culture confusion to wear a mandarin style collar, typically a Chinese style, in Japan.  However, the bright red reminded me of their national flag and the vibrant and colorful atmosphere here. The oriental style is slightly made modern by Reformation. The silk was cool against the skin under the guise of humidity and heat of summer.

Pairing silk with ripped jeans seems like such irony. Silk is usually reserved for more sophisticated pairings or sultry moods, but black jeans scream rebel and a different kind of edge. I like the balancing of fancy and casual here, which makes me stand out among the crowds. Red and black are also power colors and can give a boost of confidence as well. 


Finding interesting ways to style my fancier items with my casual ones helps me utilize my wardrobe more. Let's face it, fancy occasions come far and few for me, so why not get the wear out of it now instead of a for a "what if" situation. It helps me justify my spending and also curate a wardrobe that gets more usability than before. Red silk will be highly worn this summer in different styles. 

Reformation Arthur Top is XS (Sold Out) // Asos Petite Ridley Ripped Jeans in 23/26 (Sold Out) // Charles Keith Black Mules in Size 4 (Sold Out) // Spitfire Warp Sunglasses


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Reformation Arthur Top - Red Silk Mandarin Collar Top