Casually Head to Ankle in Stripes

Kicking off the inbetween of summer and spring with a jumpsuit.  

I have a new found appreciation for jumpsuits, and I'm going to be adding a lot more this summer.  After last year's hunt for the all-time favorite culotte jumpsuit from Somedays Lovin', I decided to look for a more casual but classy jumpsuit and fell in love with this Asos petite striped jumpsuit.  

It's always a love-hate fight with Asos Petite's section, and I was on the edge with this.  I get it, I'm 4'6'.  I should still be shopping in the kids' section.  BUT I'M AN ADULT I TELL YOU. A recently college graduated adult, ahem. This jumpsuit was pretty too long to my dismay, so I had no choice but to whip out my New Look pumps for this look for a more polished look. Though to go for a casual affair, I topped off with my striped boater hat and tried out the neck-tie bandana trend.  It's funny how much this bandana really pulls this look together; something to help complement the low v-neck and keep the eyes away from the fabric gathered at my feet. 

Invite me to your classy but casual day party where I can wear this outfit and fake laugh at every pretentious comment made.

Petite Striped Jumpsuit