Check Me Out Please

Think less. Wonder more.

I'm still wondering where winter went.  The North gets this huge blizzard and the South gets boring, sunny days.  Totally not fair.  Did I jinx it by saying "winter is coming" too many times? Speaking of, Game of Thrones' season 5 trailer has been leaked and I'm very excited!  I can only pretend to be Jon Snow right now and know nothing. Well, at least I do know something about style. 

This is probably the ultimate combination of fall and winter trends, minus the coat.  I'm taking burgundy, leather, plaid, ankle boots, and black to make the perfect moody look, topping it with a hat.  Get it? Cause hats go on top! It went over my friend's head too.  I paired this brushed check sweater with a burgundy leather skirt, for a girly, edgy feel.  I don't like looking too feminine since I need something to complement my dark humor.

Earlier in October, I won a $100 gift voucher to Oasis Fashions from UniDays, which is basically a fashion-obsessed student's heaven of discounts.  I made use of that voucher by buying a bunch of stuff including this burgundy hat and brushed check sweater.  Normally, I stay away from Oasis knowing that they are super expensive, but they have great work clothes and other girly items to make you feel more like an adult.

Oasis Brushed Sweater // Forever 21 Burgundy Leather Skirt // Dorothy Perkins Pointed Black Chelsea Boots (Similar) // Oasis Burgundy Panama Hat (Similar)

I'm still wondering whether this winter will ever be winter.  Just because the groundhog didn't see his shadow doesn't mean winter is over. I'm still hopeful for snow.  Hopefully, February has more to come.