Checks + Bows

A monochromatic balancing act. 

Here's one from the archives of waiting too long to post something.  I mean it's all black and white, yet I somehow I end up in the grey area of things. This look is one of my favorite monochrome looks and overall just fun to wear and spin around in.   

Straight outta Asos, every piece has been collected over the past year for the polished fit and flare look.  It's the little things that bring this look together.  From the chiffon white bows of the top paired with the check mesh pattern of the midi skirt, it's a perfect balance of minimalistic details.  The "peek-a-boo" or "peek-a-boob" style really gives this the more playful vibes like, "Is she wearing a bra or not?"

The mesh skirt seals the deal for the fancy schmancy outlook.  It's funny how the right types of texture changes how things can look.  If the mesh didn't flare out I would look more slim, but the check pattern flared really makes it a bit more interesting. Here's what I learned about a mesh skirt - the right one with the right pattern makes everything for an outfit.  You'll definitely see my trying out different patterns of flared mesh.