Crochet Black and Utility Green

Hello guys. 

If you've been keeping up with my style lately, I've been a sucker for the subtle details creates and there's just enough to give me that edgy-clean vibe I try to go for.  From the metal clasp buckles in my uility skirt to the pleated details my in crochet top, this outfit has enough details for an casual boho edge.  Taking utility in a different way with Nasty Gal's Renegade Buckle Skirt, I paired it with the airy Amuse Society Clover Top with pleated details for a easy-going boho edge.  This black crochet top should be the newest wardrobe staple; it's more versatile than it looks. The flowy material of top can either be tucked in for a sleeker look or let loose for a casual style.  For me tucking in the shirt really made me look frumpy with the a-line style of the skirt.  

It's the little details that really makes this outfit, and festival vibes are strong when you add a pair of black boots.  Boho-chic but with the functions of being able to run around at an outdoor field.  The metal clasp buckles in this khaki skirt is enough jewelry for this look, and really adds a functional texture feel. I opted out for a more natural makeup look to go with a ease of this look and my tassel hat.  I know, I've been wearing this hat a lot lately, but the sombrero funeral party lives on. 

Personal note: I'm three weeks away from graduation and it's not really hitting me.  I haven't even been applying for jobs! I was so excited to last year, but, man, I am just drained.  Thankfully, I have a job offer from my current internship and I'm definitely leaning towards taking it. If anyone asks what my five-year plan is, I honestly just want to be happy about all the experiences I will have, from concerts to traveling adventures, and some measurable accomplishes somewhere along in the music industry.  If you're feeling the struggles of graduation and adulthood, please let share some of your thoughts.  Who can relate to my woes? 

Amuse Society Clover Top in Black Sands // Nasty Gal Renegade Buckle Skirt // Brixton Tassel Hat // Mirina Girls Browbar Sunglasses