Deep Dive into Dark Blue

Wading into unknown colors.

I’ve recently noticed a lack of blue in my wardrobe. Not because I don’t like the color, but because it’s hard to style. Why is blue so hard to wear? You know you own all those jeans and never question the color combos, but as soon as you try it in a different form, all the color clashing and non-functionalities begin. Especially dark blue or navy; it’s a curse even with black allegedly. I know it’s wearable, but maybe not for my mostly black and camel wardrobe. The few blue clothing stick to jeans and dark blue tops with ruffles.

So what colors do go with blue or navy?

  • White and blue, and white and navy

  • Navy and gold (not a lighter blue)

  • Blue and grey - cool tones go well with cool tones

  • Blue and burgundy

  • Navy and black accents (I say break the rules)

  • Blue and Yellow/Orange - because the color wheel said so

With some inspiration from fashion, I tried to color mixing details to bring this blue statement jumpsuit more sleekness and coolness. I was immediately reminded of the Jack’s Mannequin song “Dark Blue,” which got me through some tough times in high school and I still listen to occasionally now out of nostalgia. I also thought of my favorite navy ruffle jumpsuit that seems to hang loose in all the weird places.

Style Mafia Ruffle Jumpsuit and Sol Sana Peggy Slides

Making unfitting overalls fit is a workout. You don’t just cuff the bottoms and go. You have to deal with constant straps falling off and you putting them back in place. However, I love these ruffle straps way too much to not wear them out once in awhile. I love pieces that are a statement themselves and do the style work for you. Adding a simple white tee brings attention to these dark blue wings that rest on my shoulder. I went for cooler grey accents with my grey boater and my favorite Sol Sana peggy slides. A nice set of neutral details really makes the ultimate statement.

I stopped by historic house that seemed to get my color coordination memo. Inside it seemed to have been stripped of all the fixtures and broken glass can be found everywhere. The outside keeps it’s timeless beauty even with some wear and tear.

Shop the look:

Style Mafia Blue Ruffle Jumpsuit in XS // Asos Petite White Tee in 00 // Sol Sana Peggy Slide in Size 6 // Shop Girl LA Transparent Tortoise Bag // Spitfire Warp Shades // Sole Society Grey Boater Hat (Sold Out)