Denim Culotte Overalls

This whole set of photos is really me just struggling to keep my hat on.  

Yo, it's fall and I needed to bring the overalls back.  Overalls are very versatile and can be dressed up or down no matter what season. This time I wanted a more flared look and tried culotte overalls.  I bought these culotte overalls knowing they will be cropped and they'll fit me like pants that hit awkwardly above the ankle.  Please be advised to wear some kind of mid heel, especially if your culottes don't hit your legs right.  

The Loch Ard Gorge was the perfect backdrop for this easy dark bohemian explorer look.  I've upped my game and added a dark burgundy long sleeve underneath with flared sleeves for a little detail and an edgy color vibe.  My straw boater was a nice little touch, but the wind wasn't.

Sizing: These are 23 in the Pacsun sizing.  So it would be like an XXS in pants. 

Speaking of overalls, one of my favorite fashion bloggers We Wore What just launched her clothing brand Second Skin Overalls, and they have a killer oversized culotte overalls that needs to be made in petite size for me.  She really knows how to dress up her overalls so check out all of the new collection!

It's been almost 6 months since I've graduated from college, and I've been working full time ever since.  I do miss the spontaneity that college brings and not having a set a schedule.  Now I find myself planning for weekends and spending my weeknights catching up on random things. Though, I finally understand the point of happy hour.  Going home straight from work makes you pretty lazy, but being active after work really keeps that social life up.  For the most part at least. 

Pacsun Denim Culotte Overalls (Sold Out) // Zara Lace Up Top in Burgundy (Sold Out) // Cut Out Gladiator Heels (Sold Out)

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