Velveteen Dragon

Oh. Is that a dragon behind me? You don't say.  

Meet Sir Walter Snarleigh, the dragon who helped discover North Carolina, and is behind the name of our capital city.   Just kidding, but it would have been a great story. It was a warm Fall day, which means wearing short sleeves and a cardigan. In this post, I added a splash of color in my mostly black outfit as I followed along this dragon's tale.  

I think I have an affinity for floral and plaid.  Floral adds the nice touch of femininity.  But I can't forgo my plaid.  Plaid is made to never fade from my fall wardrobe.  It's epic.  I also love these ankle boots from Daily Look, which is why I've been wearing so much.  I'm not usually a fan of gold tones, but these look pretty badass.  

Top - Motel Tangerine Morris Flower T-Shirt (Similar)

Bottom: Black Velvet Leggings (Similar)

Coat: SheInside Black and White Plaid Knitting Coat

Shoes: Daily Look Metallic Accent Boots

Eyewear: Steve Madden Mirrored Clubmasters (Similar)

Velvet leggings are a fancier version of your normal leggings. They have a subtle glimmer to them, which gives a mysterious allure. 

This plaid coat is life.  Thanks to not reading correctly, I didn't realize it was a knit coat or that it was going to be so long.  I was pleasantly surprised to find it almost like a sweater.  Although I was hoping for a coat,  I do enjoy the fact that I can snuggle in this and stay just as warm.  I usually stay away from long coats thinking it'll just engulf me, and people will be like, "Why are you playing dress-up in your mom's clothes?" However, this coat hits my knees at a good length, so there is hope in exploring long coat options.

Here we are at the belly of the dragon.  Take a look at this bright orange shirt with bouquets of flowers.  It has a classy, oriental vibe to it which I love.  It's a stark difference to the black and white plaid coat, but the color reminds me of the bright orange leaves that grace our presence during Autumn.  Motel is awesome at making formal-like t-shirts, so you can wear them to work and when you're going on your evening strolls. 

On a side note: To all the savvy shoppers out there, were you also a bit disappointed by Black Friday and Cyber Monday?  I think we all know it's a bit too hyped now, because you can get better sales after Christmas.  I definitely planned out what I was going to buy before I bought anything, which helped budget my spending.    

Hope everyone enjoys the last days of Autumn, as I prepare for a string of bipolar weather days.  

 "Standing Next to Tall Objects" - Up and personal with Sir Snarleigh's tail.