Every Shoe You Need For Summer 2015

Summer shoes go beyond your flippy-floppies.  Here are some great styles for the everyday life, fun events, and vacations you'll be going to this summer.  

1. Loafer/Mules

If you're as lazy as me in the morning and always in a rush to get to work on time, then you need a pair of backless loafers or mules.  They're easy to put on and not restrictive for a fast office look.

2. Minimal Heels

Minimal heels are all the rage because they are so basic that they ooze the most style.  Make your boyfriend jeans look amazing with these one strap babies when you're on vacation.

3. Brown Boots

It's a bit too hot to wear black boots, so a better alternative is a grungy pair of brown boots. In the South, girls love wearing cowboy boots.  If that's not your scene, a good pair of ankle boots is great for frolicking at festivals and in forests.  Modern Vice has an epic curated collection of them. 

4. Mid Heels

As someone who is an anomaly even among the petite people, mid heels are the best invention ever made in shoe land.  Not only do you get some added height, but you also get some comfort too.  I use mine as concert shoes, which might be a little crazy, but I'd rather see the band than the thousands of heads in front of me. Platforms are also a great option. 

5.  Closed-Toe Heels

Just like you need that LBD, you need those closed-toed heels. They're classic and go with every look.  If you wear a size 4, then Nine West has an amazing collection of pumps as well as New Look.

6. Rain Boots

Summer is technically hurricane season so you can expect a lot of rain.  Keeping some rain boots or wellingtons handy is great for rainy days, especially if you don't want to ruin your other shoes. These Chelsea Wellington boots are amazing, because they are short and stylish.