For The Love of Ryan Gosling, Socks

Goslings on my feet.

November 12th is the day we commemorate Ryan Gosling, for if he did not exist we would not be graced with the presence of such a dapper man. He is handsome, the ultimate gentleman, a feminist, and basically everyone's dream guy.

Unfortunately, most of us may not have the chance to ever encounter Ryan Gosling, and we can only dream of being with him.  However there is an alternative solution.  The Dapper Ryan Socks A pair of socks printed with the many attractive faces of Ryan all over. They are mid-ankle and one-size, so anyone can wear them.  

Albeit, it's a little strange, but these Ryan Gosling socks can make the littlest things better.

1. Hey Girl, come cuddle with me.

The only way you and I will ever get to sleep with Ryan Gosling.

2.  Hey Girl, you, me, and some Netflix equals perfect night.

I bet Ryan Gosling would freak out over House of Cards with me.

3.  Hey girl, no need to save dessert for last.

Ryan Gosling once said, "Sugar till you die."   He loves candy. I love candy. It's a match made in heaven. Fun fact: His favorite candy is Hi-Chews.

4. Hey girl, let's fall together.

Fall in love. Fall in leaves. Totally the same thing.

5. Hey girl, there's nothing like snuggling together with a good book and coffee.

If you like looking at pictures of Ryan Gosling and having someone reinforce your rights as a woman, then Feminist Ryan Gosling is the book for you. 

6.  Hey girl, I'll always keep you warm. 

What better way to keep your feet warm than with some Ryan Gosling socks?  Your feet are vital to keeping the rest of your body warm, so technically Ryan Gosling would be saving your life. Not to mention, if you're ever having a bad day, you can always look down, stare into Ryan's eyes for 5 seconds, and feel so much better. 

I know it's not the same thing as having the real Gosling, but these Dapper Ryan Gosling socks will have to do. On the bright side, you can obsess over him anytime and anywhere without anyone ever knowing.  

If you love these socks, then you should know there's a matching shirt! Check out how I styled my Ryan Gosling Shirt here