Signs That Show The Future is Pretty Female and a Girlboss Moment

Reppin your gender is the new normcore. 

Does my shirt have a lot of female signs on it? Maybe. Does it stand for something bigger? Probably.  Is it cute? Definitely. I was inspired by this Knot Sisters top to talk about a #girlboss moment.  I recently started listening to Sophia Amoruso's podcast Girlboss radio, and it made me stop and think if I've had my own sense of achievement like she talks about with her guests and viewers. I wanted to share one of mine that perfectly complements this gender-empowered outfit that I brought to the court.

It's tough.  You don't want to keep pushing one gender in everyone's face.  The playing field is way more diverse than that; there's culture, age, religion, and more to consider. But it's basically been the year of celebrating women, so putting together a panel in a industry-specific sphere and in front of the bosses seems more anxiety-inducing than it should be. I didn't want to alienate any one or any group of people. I just wanted an appreciative discussion. 

A little background of what I do: I work in the entertainment tech (ticketing) industry. It's a bit more even-paced, but still draws the "real-time" insanity of working with venues, shows, and the people.  One of the big things I work on is planning a summit for our venue partners whether they be a music club, theatre, fair, etc.  It's hectic, but comes with high reward and lot to reflect on. 

 When I first threw in the idea of adding something that's more women empowered to this summit, it came out more like an afterthought. The meetings rolled and I would mention it as a side note to add to programming every time.  Someone finally called me out and said if I was serious then let's get it done.   This really amped me up, but also raised some important questions. Who should be on this panel? What are we talking about it? Will people attend? What did I want people to get out of this? 

The end result was fruitful. I hoped for a discussion of how four incredible women got to where they are, what adversity they've faced and what they can tell us about their work in live events industry. Running a venue is no easy feat for anyone. It's interesting to see how a woman comes to lead in a male-dominated industry and position.  

I wanted a diverse group of women on this panel - in this case it meant someone who a ran museum a fair, a theatre, or a region.  I also knew it wasn't going to be perfect, but for a first try it was a success.  People enjoy a good story and having the ability to hear from some veterans solidifies the message.  What I loved the most is how these women made sure to emphasize that it shouldn't be gender specific, it should be considered for anyone.   

A good message comes subtly, which is what I love about this top.  The Knot Sisters "Future is Female" top tells a story within itself.  We'll roll up our sleeves and do the work, our pockets will be deep and there's gonna be many of us.  I also wear the hat on many things, so let's add that in too. 

Ball is in our court.   Share one of your girlboss moments in the comments. 

Knot Sisters Future is Female Top // Brixton Fiddler Cap // Topshop Petite Joni Jeans // Sol Sana Peggy Slides