Game, Match, Set in Jac Vanek

It seems like I've been trying to find the perfect matching set for AGES.  Do I want a matching set with a skirt or do I want one with pants? There are too many technicalities to consider, but it turns out I shouldn't be as intimated by models because I finally found the perfect coordinates that fit. After much deliberation and a lot more intimidation by tall models, I finally bought one of Jac Vanek's limited edition matching sets.

I have a weak spot for anything that Jac Vanek makes, so I love everything I buy from her website.  Jac Vanek's clothing focused on making t-shirts and bracelets with tongue-in-cheek phrases that every Warped Tour goer wanted.  Now she's branched out to coordinates, sweaters, dresses and pouches, so I feel like I'm in heaven.  However from past experience, most of the shirts I bought fit me like a dress which is what I use them as (this is probably where my love for the tunic t-shirt, leggings and cardigan combo began). This is why I have been hesitant about buying something different, but I finally gave in.

I bought the Istanbul Kaleidoscope Set which I got for only $30 on sale, and I am in love!  First off, Jac Vanek uses 100% vintage rayon fabric, so obviously I'm doing Earth a favor here. Second, she was inspired by buildings and landscape she saw in Istanbul, so it feels like I'm visiting Istanbul from her perspective.  Third, this set is the comfiest thing ever, which is perfect for summer and for festival-wear. I could probably sleep in these pants too. Fourth, the pants were just a tad long, but they go perfectly with some mid heels.  Just remember to check out the measurements on the inseams before you pick a size.  

If you're still searching for the perfect coordinates, check out all of Jac Vanek's vintage inspired sets.  When they're gone, they're gone for good! 

Bonus pic: Did I mention it's a great outfit to cloud watch in?