Gingham Cool for the Summer

I love my checks and I love my gingham.

Gingham is the linear square pattern you need for the summer, usually, fit for woven cotton or linen pieces. It is the essential look for the 60s youthful style and the modern go-to picnic wear. On a closer note, I noticed that gingham patterns have a gradient to their alternating boxes. What a subtle but ingenious way to make something look softer and more feminine.

I leaned into the vintage-inspired modern look by pairing my black and white gingham top with flared camel trousers, crochet mules, and a clear bag. The gingham brings out the fun in my mostly neutral look.

As you can clearly see, I carry just the essentials, which includes my phone, wallet, keys, lipstick, and my glasses. I’m a nomad, and I don’t like being weighed down by things that don’t fit in my pockets. Even having my wallet is a bit much, I usually need a couple cards and end up taking just those with me.

Quick Review

The trousers are from Petite Studio NYC, a petite boutique store with a sense for high fashion and classic staples. I did not tailor these, and they are a thick wool material, so that’s why I look I’m dying of heatstroke in this photoset. According to the 5’3” model, the trousers are supposed to hit right below your mid-calf. On me, they are at my knees. Don’t get me wrong, this is an improvement from regular fit trousers, but coupled with the wideness, the fit was less suitable...

I do like the idea if they were tailored correctly. The flare is enough to give you a taller feel. The wool fabric is not the best for summer but makes my look more formal and elevated. Wide-fit cropped pants are a trend right now, and I’ve seen some great pairings. I hope I can find a pair that’s suitable to my short legs!

06-2018 Gingham and Camel Trousers-2.jpg



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