Gridlock in the Woods

What happens when you fall for a dress that you know will never fit?

Many times I have found items that I desperately wanted but are just out of reach. These siren-like clothes lure you in with false hope and aesthetics just to entangle you in a whirlpool of fabric. They're tempting, but they just lead you down a path of disappointment. I tend to fall for these traps fairly often. Being of shorter stature, dresses are harder for me to find. However, when I like something enough I'll forego the long sleeves, too loose hems, and wide waists, and work with what I have. 

I feel like I should be a treasure hunter.  I found this dress on Wasteland over a year ago, and I was hoping to snag it when it went on sale.  However, as luck goes, my size sold out before it even had a chance.  I was so disappointed that I bought something else out of frustration.  Is there a word for shopping angry? If not, I would like to call it shangry.

It would only be fate that would bring this dress and me back together. I found the exact same dress over a year later on Salsit. I scooped it up right away, not caring that it wouldn't fit me correctly.  I love the indigo and red grids with the floral accents.  The grids provide the grunge. The floral provides the femininity.   

The dress reaches midway above the model's knees on the site, but drapes past my knees.   The sleeves are a bit long, hiding my hands, and the waist line of the dress falls more at my hip hiding my actual waist.   However, the unique pattern more or less makes up for the size issue. I actually prefer a more loose style that I can dress up.   I may look like a curtain, but at least I am a stylish curtain.

Getting clothing taken in and hemmed can get costly if you can't do it yourself.  I always use a belt when I have dresses that end up being too loose.  A belt helps accentuate my waist line and shows the "curves" that get lost in excess fabric. You can also bunch up fabric with the belt and temporarily shorten the length.  It's an easy alternative 

If you want to look more edgy and hide your long sleeves, roll 'em up and throw on a leather jacket over it. A jacket can hide the extra fabric so you don't look as frumpy and big.  

This dress was my siren dress. While it didn't fit the way it should have, accessorizing made it look like it did.  It's not every day that fate reconnects you with a dress that sold out a long time ago, so obviously it was meant to be.  And if it's on sale, you guys are soul mates. Squares and floral are my thing, and they don't often come together.