How to Style Up That Casual Beanie With Your Clothes

Beanies can be high fashion too. 

Wearing a beanie is an art form, honestly.  There's more layers and depth than you think.  It's about how you wear one, the types of texture, color,  the lines, and more.  I've seen a lot of articles explaining how to wear your beanie with different hairstyles, but nothing on clothes.  Clothes and other accessories make a huge difference to a beanie. Here's one outfit that I've upped my beanie game with, and a few tips to help you with yours.

1.  Don't make the rest of your outfit casual.  

Not everyone has to channel their inner punk to pull off a beanie, or be in some kind of a lazy mood to wear one.  Take any of your non-casual clothes like dresses, skirts, or even a very ruffley top, and add a beanie. One way I do this is by creating an outfit for a dressed up day, putting it on, doing my makeup, and finishing off with a beanie. The beanie goes last like an afterthought, so you aren't propelled to think that you need to go super casual and pull out those comfy leggings. 

Zara Striped Tee Combo (Similar) // New Look Supersoft Skinny Jeans // UO Bandana // Dorothy Perkins Wellies // F21 Burgundy Beanie (Similar)

3.  Add a bit of color to your beanie. 

Speaking of jewelry.  Beanies can be the statement piece you need sometimes.  Experiment with bright colors with neutral clothes to really stand out and add a bit of definition.  Twenty One Pilots started the whole red beanie trend, and it's kind of awesome.  Yes, all their fans are a bit of punk, but think how a killer LBD with a red beanie would look.  

3.  Add some accessories with your beanie.

Funny enough, hair is not the only way to amp up your beanie.  Sure, you can try some side swept bangs, but you can take it to another level with your accessories.  Jump on the bandana neck scarf trend to style up your casual beanie look for high street casual.  Or opt for a statement necklace to add some feminine feels to your look. 

4.  Wear it with confidence.

I feel a little bit weird with some of the outfits I wear a beanie with, but the trick is to not care. Your style also comes through with how you carry yourself (the only way to really explain why mom jeans are cool right now). Forget that you are wearing this beanie with a pencil skirt and blazer.  You might think it's strange, but you'll also feel like a badass.  A beanie adds that little bit of edge and daring nature to an outfit, because it can be so unconventional.