Incorporating How You Hate Everyone Into Your Wardrobe

And all the people in the streets, I hate you all. 

Have you ever wondered how humans have existed for this long? We, humans, rampage Earth polluting the lands, destroying what was already here, and we even kill each other over petty reasons. It's a cycle that we can't break and you just have to wonder what is the appeal? If you feel the same discontent and loathing towards homo sapiens as I do, then you need this flannel. 

I always rave about Jac Vanek and her amazing clothing line, and it's hard to wonder why.  She is one of the sassiest people you'll get to meet and her Tinder stories are always the best.  She is the worth the follow on Instagram or Twitter. If she couldn't get any more better, Jac  made one of my favorite pieces in my closet: the "I Hate Everyone" flannel. The double takes that people will do when you walk down the street is worth the price you pay.  Jac makes these flannels customs with different phrases, like "Music is the Answer," on the back as well as different prints.

If you're looking at days of work with no time to pick an outfit, but still want to add a bit of personality, then this casual outfit is exactly what you need.  Just enough character to keep those heads turning, and to still  keep everyone away. I've styled this black flannel with a pair of overalls for a previous blog post, but I wanted to share a more casual look.  This is one of my go-to outfits when I'm in a hurry or I have errands to run.  This flannel is unisex, so it's pretty big for XS, but it's easy to work with such a versatile piece. Tucking your v-neck tee into a pair of dark jeans will make your legs longer so a loose flannel like this won't be overwhelming for a petite frame.  I like throwing a beanie on especially if I know I'm going to be spending my time at a coffee shop.  Though, it doesn't have to particularly match your shirt. 

Jac Vanek "I Hate Everyone" Flannel // New Look Petite Soft Jeans // Dorothy Perkins Chelsea Boots // Mirina Collections Brow-Bar Sunglasses // Waffle Knit Beanie in Mauve // Madewell V-Neck (Similar)