It's Always Sunny In Charleston

There's a season called Light Autumn where you don't have to wear scarves and big cardigans all the time. It only happens in certain areas like the South. Just throw on a t-shirt and a shrug , and you're set. As I headed to Charleston, South Carolina, I checked the temperatures to find out it's supposed to be in the low 70s.  Whether it's the weather, or Charleston itself, I found myself combining fall trends with summer styles.

Burgundy cardigan/Blue and White Striped Fitted Tee/Beige Midi Skirt/Brown Gladiator Heels/Pink Aztec Belt/Fossil Watch

I like to mix colors and patterns in a put-together way. This beige midi skirt was an impulse purchase Salsit, which ended up being a great addition to my wardrobe. I love the pockets and button-up style of this skirt, giving it a vintage look. Though, it fits like a maxi skirt on me, reaching just above my ankles. Basically I looked like a peasant. To look less like a serf, I paired the midi skirt with a pair of brown gladiator mid heels, because, you know, it's still sunny in Charleston. The extra couple of inches helped to make the midi skirt more midi and less peasant like. The skirt also has belt loops, so I didn't have to worry about the waistline being too big (I say with a sigh of relief).

While my bottom half was more summery, I stayed true to fall trends with dark colors on my top half.  I paired a navy and white striped fitted tee with burgundy cardigan.  The stripes made sure the outfit didn't look too basic. A light cardigan is perfect for weather that teeters between chilly and warm.  When you get hot you can take it off, and when you get chilly you can just put it back on.  A brightly colored belt helps to bring the whole outfit together. It's a stark contrast against the dark colors above and the neutral tone below. It also emphasizes the curves that hide in the fabric of the skirt.

On a side note: It was a very, very short trip to Charleston, SC, but I did have time to go watch Gone Girl. My mind imploded.  I was planning to read the book before I watched the movie, but now I can't go back.  It was so unpredictably suspenseful that I need to watch it again just to make sure what I watched actually happened. I recommend that you go read the book or watch the movie.  Both are highly praised.

It's always fun to mix different seasonal trends with one another.  You can't keep all styles separate by seasons, so try mixing in your spring and summer clothes with your fall and winter clothes.  Weather is unpredictable, and so too should your style be.

Me standing with tall objects: a stop sign in today's post.