Black Flannel and Overalls

New career path: emo lumberjack.

If you needed a new way to style your flannel, take out those overalls you bought earlier in the year when they were super trendy and wear your flannel underneath.  It's the best way to look like a stylish lumberjack.

This is one of my favorite late fall look to date because you're cozy and comfortable but still get to keep my edgy vibe. I have the black on black look down with my Jac Vanek "I Hate Everyone" Flannel.  Tis' the best flannel and has enough sass for a whole room of people.  It's a bit long for petite people but pairing it with overalls is great way to work with it.  My overalls are also a bit long but you can easily tuck them into your boots or roll em' up. I have to do both... 

I added a pop of color with my Modern Vice Classic Jetts and my Culture Flock Sloth Beanie was the perfect topper.  I picked up this marl beanie at the Flight Raleigh and I'm in love! I've been wearing beanies since late summer, but it actually makes sense to wear them now.

Don't let your friends call you an emo lumberjack or an evil lumberjack, cause you totally will rock this look.