Jumpsuit Up

Nothing suits me like a midi jumpsuit that isn't really midi.

My obsession with midis that fit like maxis continue this summer in this amazing blush toned midi jumpsuit.  I'm all about clothes that don't actually fit like they're supposed to, but still workable.  You gotta adapt for a world that lives to satisfy the 5'4 heights and the best way to do it is not to get discourage and find creative ways to wear a style of clothing.  

Somedays Lovin' is an Australian brand that makes unique, easygoing, bohemian style clothes that you won't find anywhere else. I've been drawn to the clothing line with their unique pieces unintentionally picking up those few items I like that happen to be made by Somedays Lovin'.  The Spell Cast Midi Jumpsuit happened to be one of them.  

Spell Cast is the perfect name this, because I kind of went crazy looking for this in my size.  When I finally found it in XS, I still had to shrink it in the wash for it fit not drag on my 4'6" frame, and now it hits right above my ankles.  A pair of mid heels works great to make sure the long flares aren't overwhelming.  While this Midi Jumpsuit is supposed to give you a culotte type of style, it actually gives me more of a 70's disco flare look, if it was an outside disco. Though, I can work with it. It's a soft blush color and is very flowy so you can dance, run, do jumping jacks, etc., all you want without feeling constricted.  It's the perfect casual day look that you can throw on with a straw hat and some vintage Ray Bans.

Somedays Lovin' Spell Cast Midi Jumpsuit (Cream or Black) // Forever 21 Striped Straw Boater Hat // Tiffany's Olive Pendant Necklace // Vintage Round Ray Bans