I May Be Straight Edgy, But Straightedge Is Questionable

Taking out the the mom vibe from straight jeans and bringing an edgy one. 

Straightedge was a term invented for those hardcore punk kids who didn't believe in sex, drugs, and rock & roll. In their heads it was cooler to abstain from sex, drugs, alcohol, and whatever else....basically a bunch of hipster punk kids. I believe in "you do you" (if you want to be straightedge that is totally fine maybe just don't be an aggressive judger of those who aren't). Although I'm not into the straightedge-y lifestyle, I do like following the edgy style when it comes to creating looks. 

Straight legged jeans are the epitome of laid-back casual and universally pleasing to any body type, but they're also kinda mehh. Weirdly fitted but still a little loose just doesn't allow for shape which is a challenge. This is why it's fascinating how the term cool jeans has been refreshed recently.   Skinny jeans seemed like a major envelope pusher before but it's a tried and true staple in most of our wardrobes now.  

We're reentering this 90s era of adding patches and embroidery to everything.  It makes your normal skinny jeans kinda boring and be put on the back burner as flares, boyfriends, mom, and straight jeans make a comeback with a little bit of added detail.  I'm not completely on board with the embroidery trend because it seems it will have a short life span, but it is interesting how something that used to define you as an uncool dork (much like straightedge) can now be stylish.  

While I opted for a cropped straight jean, they still end right before the ankle for a weird length. Three elements that make a pair of straight legged jeans with patch details seem less awkward are a tucked-in top, a belt, and a high heeled boot.  The double buckle belt and heeled boots combo creates more of a western edge more so, like I'm a cowboy entering a Mexican standoff. 

Though, what really ties this look together is a leather jacket neatly layered with a neutral grey sweater. The greatest surprise about this first-glance classic jacket is the hidden red collar that makes you wanna pop it all the time like a frat boy. It's the final piece of understated but confident edge you need. I wish I could say I had a better reason for wearing this fur beanie other than I wanted to. 

Nasty Gal Brixton Leather Jacket (RIP :/) // Asos Petite Patch Cropped Jeans (Sold Out) // Asos Funnel Neck Sweater (Sold Out) // Asos Double Buckle Belt // Sam Edelman Rafa Booties (Brown) // Zara Fur Beanie (Sold Out) // Spitfire Warp Sunnies 

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