Midi to Not-There-Yet Maxi

A hard realization that I am the size of a maxi dress. 

One of the biggest challenges of being super short, other than pants, is finding a maxi dress.  It doesn't even have to be anything special, as long as it isn't dragging on the floor even when I'm wearing five inch heels.  So when "midi" came into trend, I jumped on that train as soon as it arrived, and still hasn't departed.  However, what I should have realized more than likely that the "midi" would by my "maxi."

Here I have this pretty, basic sleeveless petite midi dress.  On the model, it hit just halfway down from her knees, but I got stuck with an awkwardly not maxi length that ends mid calf.  This is when great accessories come into play.  A stylish belt with some embellishment add a little style and  a pair of boots that end right before your ankles can make your look a bit more edgy.  If you some pair of interesting boots you've been dying to bring out, pair it with a black dress for the ultimate pop. It also helps that my hair happens to be super on point.  

I wear a lot of black, but I also like to keep it interesting in how I wear it.  While basics can be amazing, I'm always looking for some edginess to add.  This is great daytime outfit to hang out outdoors and drink obscure beverages.

Asos Petite Column Midi Dress // Modern Vice JETT Boots in Brown