Minkpink's Excessive Tunic Is A Bit Too Excessive For Me

Where do my tales of fashion woe begin? Let's start with how I fail to remember how much taller the model usually is compared to me. 

Minkpink is an Australian brand known for their cool, intricate patterns.  They do what I like to call pattern sets.  You can find the same pattern on a dress, top, skirt, or leggings, which is awesome.

I came across the Minkpink Excessive Tunic Tee at Urban Outfitters months ago, and I wanted it badly. Here I am thinking, "It's a tunic, so it should fit like a dress, right?" Wrong. 


Here you have a model who's about 5'7'' looking so casually flawless. It's not too loose but not too tight either. 

Then you have me.

Don't let that smile fool you. I couldn't find an extra-small, so I bought a small. Oh what a grave mistake I made.  

I am basically swimming in this tunic.  It looks like I decided to step out in an over-sized sleeping gown without bothering to check in the mirror. I decided to stretch my arms out to show how much fabric there really is. When I don't raise my arms, the shirt goes below my knee. I look like a rectangle with a head.  This tunic was just a bit excessive for my size.


Even though it's huge on me, I didn't return it.  I mean, the pattern is still very cool and elegant. This tunic tee was sold out everywhere, and I wasn't about to let it go.   I made do with what I had. I dressed up the Minkpink Excessive Tunic with a military jacket and put a belt around my waist to make it look less nightgowny and more boho casual. 


With such an intricate pattern, it's hard to find something that will go with the Excessive Tunic without looking too gaudy. A military jacket seemed perfect to pair with it.  The olive color makes the green and red in the tunic pop.  The jacket also hides the extra fabric and slims down the look. I also have pockets! Adding a loose jacket extends my sillhouette so I look taller, which is what I need.

While the military jacket makes the tunic more publicly presentable, it does nothing for my body shape.  Adding a belt around my waist accentuates my curves and makes me look a bit older.   No more extra fabric to worry about, and I don't have to worry about drowning in this tunic. I basically turned this into a dress, but it's a great outfit to wear on a windy day at the beach.

Minkpink runs a little big in their sizes, so I definitely would buy the extra-small next time. Small is definitely too big for my 4'7" frame.