Modern Romancing with Tinder and a Dash of Sarcasm

This is clearly not a fashion post, but a tangent off my Tom Haverford style posts, who is played by Aziz Ansari, who just wrote a new book, which inspired this post about modern dating.  

If you haven't read Aziz Ansari's new book, Modern Romancethen you must if you need any advice on dating in the age of phone apps and Internet.  Aziz talks a lot about using technology to find significant others, which is eye opening to how many people really find their significant others in reality over an artificially developed world.  While I do prefer meeting people naturally than with apps and internet dating, it's hard to resist going on Tinder once in awhile.

Tinder is just weird to me.  The whole point of it is to judge people based on the pictures they post, but looks can be deceiving.  There's always an influx of creepy guys, so you are constantly swiping to the left and putting them in the pass landfill.  Then after awhile, you start getting tired of swiping left and swipe any decent guy to the right.  Tinder makes your standards decay like a half-life, until you just give up and swipe right for the funs of it. 

I recruited a few friends to go on Tinder with me for at least a week just to see how many guys really send creepy messages (some are older messages too). None of us were looking for anything serious, so our responses were totally weird and sarcastic.

First, the Tinder profiles were kept fun and sassy, but if you're looking to hook up there's no shaming in putting it out there. For me, I have zero intentions of finding anyone on Tinder.

Once we started swiping, we started getting messages right away.  A few got to the point quickly. 

Some were straightforward and very persistent. 

Many went along with one bio, "Swipe right to save me from an arranged marriage." Here were my favorites.

Others...well they were pretty out there.  

However, my friends and I were able to deter more with our weirdness.

So the lesson in all this is internet dating is weird and feels artificial, but also very useful if you can't approach people in real life.  Another lesson is that you should use Tinder the way you want, because that is what basically everyone else is doing.