Nobody Puts Baby Blue in a Corner

Put it on you instead. 

I've been feeling blue lately.  Not completely blue, just like a baby blue. I can chalk up a little a bit of it to a dampening of the weather.  I also have been unimpressed by the world recently.  Events in my life and also in general.  I feel the impending apocalypse coming. I have accepted it.  Again it's a baby blue feeling.

Baby blue is a color doesn't appear often in my wardrobe or in my state of mind if I'm being honest. I prefer my blues to be denim colored or navy.  However it was the pantone color last and after you've seen it enough time, the color starts to grow on you.  I couldn't accept a basic blue top, it had to be a little different.  The black and white lace is a nice added touch.  It's the details and texture that really go beyond. 

I'm constantly searching for ways to make my black pieces stand out a little bit more.   Pom poms, tassels, and a little bit lace makes a casual outfit more interesting.  My new favorite combo are these tassel hem jeans and my pom pom mules.  They dance and sway to the rhythm of my walk.  I think you'll notice I've actually folded my jeans at the bottom.

HA HA.  It's fine Topshop petite.

It's fine. The tassels still a dangle a little though. An out of place piece of hair also dangles across my forehead. 

If you've read this far, just know that guys are dumb.   

Photoset by Destiny Law Photography