Non-Hiker's Guide to Fashion in the Wilderness


I have been as consistent as this winter recently, but I have great news! I will be back to posting semi-regularly. I’m free of long hours of GMAT (business school testing) study sessions. That test is no joke and has taken most of my time of the last six months. I’m really excited to have my weeknights and weekends back to shoot, write, and explore.

One of the fun activities that I’m looking forward to doing again is “outdoorsy” stuff such as leisure hiking, and, I guess, kickball. I am obviously not your traditional hiker as you can tell from this post or even this post. I dress to impress in the wild and my next challenge is tackling the hills and snow of Iceland. One reason I dress extra is because I walk slow and my hiking partners tend to leave me behind. So if I get lost, at least they’ll exactly know what outfit to look for.

I pulled together a look that is the best for function and style: spiffy hiking boots, a wool sweater, and a giant camel scarf all in my favorite beige tones—minimalistic colors at their finest in the middle of nowhere. Even my hiking boots are bit cuter than your average heavy ones; plus there’s a layer of wool inside. Not only can you look chic, but you’re in proper attire (mostly) for the natural dangers of the world. The only other thing you might need are some gloves.

Yes, the scarf is twice my size.

However the real key to getting away with fashion over function pieces is Uniqlo’s heattech. Underneath my 100% wool sweater and mom jeans is a layer of UNIQLO heattech. If you’re prone to cold chills, heat tech is the lifesaver that you didn’t think you needed. The layer is traps in heat and makes sure body heat doesn’t escape and you stay warm. The layers are great for wearing under your most stylish items, so you can look as fierce in the cold without feeling the cold. I especially love their heattech crewnecks and leggings. The best part: the price is reasonable for the quality.



H&M Wool Sweater in Size 0 (Sold Our)

Asos Petite Farleigh Jeans in Size 23/26

Free People Camel Scarf (Sold Out)

Naturalizer Hiking Boots (Old)

Uniqlo Heat Tech