On My Way, Peasant: Tips for Staying Semi-Conservative at Concerts

If I hit rock bottom, I'm gonna smile and dance with every step I take.

The number of people who actually go to festivals and the number of festival looks you find have an inverse relationship.  It's fun to say festival look, but maybe we should define them as what they really are, which are "outdoor concert" looks.  Usually Warped Tour would be my major "festival", but I end up going to more local concerts and amphitheater concerts. The trickiest thing with these looks are finding ways to still dress conservatively without looking frumpy and getting too hot.

There's a fine line between festival looks and concert looks. Festival looks are more bohemian and carry some ruggedness. Concert looks usually consist of black and grunginess.  Outdoor concert looks, usually held at amphitheaters or anywhere a stage is set-up, falls somewhere in between, so you should mix up a little boho with grunge for the perfect look. 

For my style I'm wearing an olive tee with petal hems and my beige button-up midi skirt. To bring a little more grunginess, my top myself with a dark green check hat and a my trusty concert black lace-up booties. I love the petal details in the tee to make it more than your basic top. It's a great neutral color and easy to wear.  The midi skirt is always a favorite.  It's super lightweight and gives it a fashionable peasant feel. It's a perfect look when you're sitting in lawn seats and watching your favorite band. 

If you're having a hard time figuring out how to style up outdoor concert look without showing too much skin, here are some tips. As a Muslim person, it's hard to get around hot weather when you're completely covered up, but there are always ways.

  • Covering you legs: Try out some midi or maxi skirts that are of light material.  Midi skirts are amazing especially if you're petite because they end up covering most of you.  If you're not into skirts, palazzo pants or harem pants are also great.  They're usually made of breathable fabric so you won't get as hot as you would in denim.
  • Covering your arms: You don't have to wear long sleeves all the time.  Try pairing your short sleeve or sleeveless tops with a kimono. Kimonos are usually very light and cover your arms without restricting them in sleeves.  If you still can't forgo long sleeves, try a chiffon or a woven material of light and breathable fabric. Remember to stay away from black so you're less likely to absorb sunlight that'll heat you up, because science.
  • Covering your head and neck: If you usually wear a headscarf, try a lightweight scarf to wrap around your head or neck. You can also wear tie up your hair and wear a hat.  

Have fun at concerts and enjoy some great music in good style. 

Irene's Story Petal Tee // Salsit Midi Skirt // Tilly's Black-Lace Up Booties // Coin Necklace // Irene's Story Mini Tote // Asos Check Hat // Vintage Ray Bans