Overall, Ryan Gosling Is a Great Conversation Starter

Why it should be acceptable to love Ryan Gosling and overalls.

Frankly, I'm a little bit embarrassed to own this shirt.  I'm NOT that obsessed with Ryan Gosling, but my friends keep buying me Gosling paraphernalia.  If I ever met Ryan Gosling, I would die of embarrassment knowing that I'd probably accidentally blurt out, "I have a shirt and socks with your face all over them!"  However, this is an amazing conversation piece.  If you need a reason to stand out, this outfit takes the cake. I've even had strangers take pictures with me like I'm some kind of celebrity.

The key to this shirt is to be subtle about it.  The shirt itself is actually pretty long and fits like a dress since it's unisex, so you have to find ways to class it up without looking cheesy. This is why I paired Ryan Gosling with these amazing petite black overalls, or dungarees, I got from Asos and some black gladiator sandals. Wear all black and then hit 'em with a gaggle of Ryan Goslings at the top.    

These overalls are probably the best investment I've made thus far. They're super light and comfy, and they even look very high fashion.  The fit is almost accurate to my 4'7" self.  It's like an upgrade to your outfit that you can pair with any kind of top.  You can even roll them up at the bottom for a more casual look.  Gosling should know he's in good dungarees.

I actually wore this outfit when I met All Time Low on Record Store Day.  Jack thought my shirt was awesome and even pointed my shirt out to Rian and was like "Dude, look at her shirt!" I obviously was smooth and said,  "Sorry Rian.  I'm wearing the wrong Ryan on my shirt."  That basically made my day.  I wouldn't mind being known as "the girl with the Ryan Gosling shirt."  

If you love Ryan as much as I do, read my Ryan Gosling socks post too.  I don't know what's weirder: having the socks, having the shirt, or having or both.  Maybe I'll buy some leggings too.  

Ryan Gosling Shirt (Sold out but Etsy has great alternatives!) // Black Dungarees // Black Gladiator Sandals (Sold Out) // UO Candy Colored Clear Sunglasses