Pearly Whites with My Hoodie On

matt and kim get me. 

I am here for the homebodies with this look.  The holidays had me take a month long hiatus of laziness. Mostly because I just want to throw on an oversized hoodie and leave the house.  Call it a day with fashion. Now I can apparently.  I'm not sure what took the trends so long to make hoodies leave the outerwear section but I am excited. I pay homage to the classy hoodie with one adorned with pearls. I'm still obsessed with pearls, they are nice touch elegant touch of texture to fabrics. 

This Zara hoodie accented with pearls is a great substitute for a thick sweater. It's nicely casual and warm with enough charm to make it through a chilly day. The cropped length makes a great pairing with high waisted ripped skinny jeans.  Grey is a nice neutral to wear with black and pearls make a real pop. 

I thought this was the perfect outfit to break in my new Jessica Buurman Lewis boots, which are a pretty accurate dupe to the Givenchy biker boots in White.  I love the studs and straps which are pretty edgy and badass. I'm a big fan of boots that make a statement and these definitely make one supported by physical evidence. I'm still a bit afraid to wear these dirty attractors out that much, but busting them to amp up a casual outfit is pretty fitting. 

Grey Pearl Hoodie & Givenchy White Biker Boots