Penciling in the Fray

Absence makes the heart grow fonder - or desperate. 

I've been MIA for almost a month, but I thought why not have a new post up just in time for my 21st birthday as well as the anniversary for Too Short for High Fashion.  I actually have no idea when this blog turns one year but kill two birds with one stone.

Combining some casual frayed stripes, from Topshop, with a classic pencil skirt, from Asos,  gives me a perfect hectic work day to "I wanna try to be classy by going to this wine bar" look.  Although my workplace is all about Casual Friday everyday, a snug knit top over a fitted pencil is great for when you're running around at a conference or know you need to be networking.   Some killer pointed heels can be added to make your look sharper and sleeker.

This outfit is the epitome of what's to come after 21, which is a probably a life of finding the comfort in wearing pencil skirts all the time as I go from work to class to meeting to career fair to job interview.  First, and for most, is finding a pencil skirt that actually hits at the right length.  However, I'm not one to sacrifice fun for all professional so I'm embracing the pop of minimal color on my torso. I'll have more on turning 21 in a later post.