Petite Jeans Review - Topshop Joni

Finding a good pair of high waisted skinny jeans is a struggle that's not exclusive to petite ladies. In all honestly, most of your jeans end up being awkwardly high waisted when your short as hell.  Topshop has a popular collection of petite jeans with different high-waist styles.  I'm reviewing the Topshop Petite Joni Jeans, which comes in all types of blues, blacks, and ripped offerings. 

My stats:  

I'm 4'6" and my inseam varies between 25 to 26 inches.  My waist is about 23 to 24 inches.  

Topshop Joni Jeans Stats:

Topshop carries inseams in 30" and sometimes 28".   Waist goes from 24" to 34."  The Joni Jeans are described as the "spray-on" skinny jean style in a super high-waist  retro fit aka disco jeans. These are the skin tight jeans that Katy Perry was probably talking about in her teenage dreams. 


I got my Topshop Joni in the size 24"28" which would be a couple of inches too long for me, but they actually do not scrunch up at the bottom.  The stretch on these jeans are amazing. They are body hugging and keep your waist area slimmed down.  For being "spray-on" they don't feel too tight, only look it,  and are very comfortable. Sometimes it feels like you aren't even wearing jeans.  


Man, do these jeans wash well.  Black jeans have a way of fading after the first couple of washes, but I haven't seen any fading yet with the Joni Jeans.   The material, for denim, is kind of on the thinner side because of the stretch, but I love that these don't stay stretched out. I've had jeans that get super loose after one wear, and I have to keep washing them so they return to their original size.  I can wear the Joni style 7-10 times before some stretching occurs. One negative I find is they aren't as soft as the reviews say.  They are kind of a coarse texture, but it's not a jean deal breaker.


I love love these jeans and they make me feel like such a badass.  All you need is a black leather jacket and some pointy boots and you are set.  Topshop jeans are mid-range in price level (unless you're like me, and it's the most you'll pay for jeans); usually around $60 to $80.  These are such a great fit and have a sleek way of making you feel super edgy.  The Joni style is more of a jegging look without the jegging part, which I love.  That being said, if you don't like your jeans too constricting, order a size up or don't get these...  The 28" was a perfect fit for me, so if you are over 5 feet, I suggest going for the 30" instead.

If you are looking for the perfect high-waist jean that has a really good return-on-wear, then petite people rejoice. The Topshop Joni style will fit your needs.  I've linked all the Joni styles you can get below.