Leather Jacket & Hoodie Combo: The Petite Way

cue that one matt & kim song about hoodies

Hello, I have rose from the ashes of a pile of hoodies and have entered into the world again.

Really, I didn’t think I would find myself in 2018 wearing hoodies again, let alone tucking them into a biker style look. Lately, I’ve been feeling more of the comfy styles and have added more easy to throw on items, such as hoodies. As I was searching for hoodie and leather jacket inspo, I mainly found articles that centered around men’s styling. I decided to go ahead and steal this look because it’s 2018 and things are/should be more gender neutral.

Petite Biker Outfit with Camel Hoodie

Three things make this leather jacket even more cool than your typical leather jacket outfits: hoodie, light wash jeans, and some statement boots.

The hoodie underneath.

I mentioned my love for styling up basics like a hoodie before, which is why this is an easy outfit to thrown on. This is a great way to carry your leather jacket into the winter temps, since a hoodie adds an extra layer of warmth without trading your comfort.

For an added effect, I tucked my hoodie to show off my high wait jeans and that nice tall illusion. I also went for a knit hoodie that’s a bit more high fashion than typical athleisure types. This particular one comes in camel, my favorite neutral, and pearl accents.

Light washed jeans

Another thing to add is a pair of light wash jeans with rips that hit below the knee. The latter part is not required, but it does give a huge middle finger to your supposed knee holes. This is a typical petite problem for ripped jeans so I can’t really say it’s not to be expected this time around. Any way, light wash are a stark contrast to your black leather, which actually draws more of the attention your way. It also softens you up, in a more approachable way.

Statement boots in the form of faux Givenchy.

My last added detail are my favorite heavy metal, Givenchy-style biker boots. These boots make any outfit badass and they naturally go with a leather jacket. It’s a staple in my closet.

Outfit Details:

Nasty Gal Leather Jacket in XXS (Sold Out) // Zara Pearl Hoodie in S (Sold Out) // Topshop Jamie Light Wash Jeans in 24P // Jessica Buurman Lewis Boots in Size 5