A Game of Pin the Stripes to Me

Pinstripes, fo' getta bout it.

There's a fine line between bold stripes and pinstripes.  Pinstripes are my favorite underground, minimalist type of stripes. They are the essentials for a mob boss and really mean business in the meeting room.  I love how subtle pinstripes can be with their darker tones, and their ability to invoke that authoritative aura around you.   They've certainly got an upgrade recently from your usual classic pinstripe suits to new and bold ways of construction.  

You may take the menswear style away from these pinstripes, but you can't take away the corporate cool vibes from this high neck top.  I love how the shoulders have a bit of structure for a more rigid look, and then you're hit with a white ruffle hem to remind you to be the nice person you probably are.  This is why I kept to the dark theme for this with a bit of white balance. White here plays the light we all need in this casual capitalist look (world). 

 As always I'm dawning the hat, but this isn't just any hat. It's my new Velveteen Hat from Lack of Color.  I've been on a Lack of Color and boater hat kick recently.  I love how classic a boater hat can look compared to other hat styles like a fedora.  Though the real style kicks in with my Spitfire Triphop sunnies in red.  These come in different colored shades, but I thought I'd try red.  The shades make a great statement especially to an almost all black look.  

You hear me talk about keeping the power in board rooms and upping your corporate look, but I think I'm a little far from that still. I'm always worried about the little things, ironically.  Though, most of these are noticed after the fact.  My hair not being in place, the nails not did, lipstick messed up, etc.  It's a huge list of self-grooming things I need to be aware of before the photoshoot, but I don't actively do anything or realize it until I'm really looking at the photos on big screen.  Though, this is reality. Nothing is ever perfect, and I just let myself run its course. I know that sounds weird. Just know, I'm an intelligent person, and I still deserve a place at the next meeting. 

Zara Pinstripe Frilled Top in XS (Sold Out) // Topshop Petite Joni Jeans in 24/28 // Zara White Boot-Style Sandals (Sold Out) // Lack of Color Velveteen Hat in XS // Spitfire TripHop Sunnies in Red

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Photoshoot taken by Mikayla Christiansen Photo