Prison Tee Party

Black and white stripes will always be classy; even on inmates.

If I were to go to a tea party in prison, I would totally wear this outfit.  I could also wear this to a garden party if I was super fancy and of high society. I imagine a prison tee party to serve mediocre turkey finger sandwiches and lukewarm tea in foam cups so you can't burn people while inmates chat about the latest fashion faux pas. If we lived in another world where we treat prisoners the way we treat our high class citizens, I would definitely want to go to prison in that world. However, that's not how our world works, and I can only imagine that I could wear this outfit in prison in a different universe.

Stripes and t-shirt dresses are super trendy, so why not combine them?  While I can usually get away with using a loose t-shirt as a dress, I opted to try an actual t-shirt dress.  While it's nice to have a longer dress, there is a lot more loose fabric, and it basically makes sure I have no curves . I added a belt to identify exactly where my waist starts and to cinch up that bagginess. Just adding a floppy hat and some super cute loafers classes up a casual t-shirt dress for those day time adventures.  

I love a good t-shirt dress because you can dress it up or throw it on when you're in a hurry. However if you're as petite as me, I suggest sticking to long t-shirts instead of a t-shirt dress for a better fit. 

Tilly's Striped T-Shirt Dress // F21 Faux Leather Loafers // Oasis Burgundy Hat // Thrifted Braided Belt // Steve Madden Mirrored Sunnies