Putting the Ryan Gosling of Pajama Shirts on a Platform

If anyone knows me or this blog, it is much about short people fashion as it is about showing off my Ryan Gosling related clothes. 

Let's go back to 2011 when the inspiring Drive was first released.  It was shown at Cannes Film Festival in France and Ryan Gosling graced us with his presence in this Ferragamo Pajama Style Shirt.  Again, this was 2011 when pajama style wasn't even considered to be a fad yet.  Basically, Gosling was the original trendsetter, and I pinpointed this early on and have been looking for a similar shirt ever since.  

Fast forward to the fall of 2016, and we see a rise of the pajama style. Here is my chance to finally find something similar.  First of all, it looks comfy as hell. Second, it's casually classy enough to walk down the red carpet with.

I grabbed this Missguided version for a steal and brought a street style sense to it.  With my "Never Not Chilin'" bomber jacket and my black beret, I could start the new French pajama gang. We don't steal or harm; loitering is the only way we rebel. We also rebel by pairing navy with black; a faux pas that shouldn't really be one.  Please join my movement before the waiting list starts.

Platform sneakers are actually the statement in this outfit. They are the new old thing brought to life which gives me a little boost in height and confidence.   I love that these platform sneakers are basically for the non-athlete that still wants to look sporty chic.  Platforms are a high fashion style I can get with cause it's made for those who are too short. 

Missguided PJ Blouse in Navy // Nasty Gal Never Not Chillin Bomber (Sold Out) // Zara Grey Bluchers (Sold Out)

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