Raleigh Gets Classy with Amorino

Mangio tutto il gelato.

I'm so excited that Raleigh, North Carolina is getting authentic gelato at the new Amorino location. I had the pleasure of going to the new cafe and trying its delicious offerings with TriFabb.  From rose shaped gelato, cappuccino, to the hot chocolate experience, everything was too beautiful to eat.  I still ate it any way, and it was scrumptious.  

Amorino is an Italian gelato chain that provides authentic, traditional gelato all over the world.  You'll find locations in New York, Paris, Sydney, and now Raleigh, North Carolina.  Yah, we classy too. 

Photo Credit: TriFAbb

What makes Amorino so unique is that it holds true to its Italian value.  You'll find some flavors are named in Italian, which I love. I FINALLY get some practice with that Italian minor.  Many of the ingredients are also imported fresh from Italy for true Italian tastes.  While this means the prices are a bit high, you are paying for great quality, and you shan't be disappointed. I personally loved the Biscotto flavor and the Lemon Basil is also a must-try.  The rose gelato is so pretty. The gelato is shaped into petals, and you can add up to six flavor petals! 

The hot chocolate experience is also something to note because the presentation of this is impeccable.  You won't ever feel as fancy drinking other hot chocolate as Amorino's topped off with a macaron.

Photo Credit: TriFabb

Amorino is also just very aesthetically pleasing in general.  The ambience mixes rustic comfort with modern aesthetic with a fire place and all black decor.  Chandeliers shimmer above that class up the joint. Small touches like the cabriole table legs make you feel so fancy when you sit down. 

Photo Credit: TriFabb

I still find it weird that Amorino would open up in Raleigh of all places; I didn't realize we were that cool. Though it does say something about the growth that Raleigh has had over the years.  Raleigh is on its way to being among the top growing cities, and I couldn't be happier.  

Stop by the new Amorino on West Davie St for a magical experience.